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After a hard day’s work, all you want is a place where you can kick back your feet, enjoy a soothing atmosphere, comfortable seats, engaging conversation with some interesting people and of course that wonderfully refreshing drink to rejuvenate yourself. But what if that place becomes an ethnic hookah lounge with extraordinary service and an ambience that will transport you to unfamiliar new lands? And what if we take that drink that you are craving and turn it into an exotic brew of the choicest flavors from the lands of Morocco and Egypt? That’s right! Your relaxation experience just took on a whole new meaning.

The Aziza lounge is here with some of the most interesting drinks that you will ever taste. Get ready to be refreshed with some of the most exhilarating drinks from the exotic lands of Egypt and Morocco. Your taste buds will be tickled with the interesting brews by the wonderful people of Egypt. Your body will be refreshed by the mint tea straight from the exotic land of Morocco. Whichever drink you try, we assure you one thing. We will take your senses on a delightful joy ride of experiences that you have never felt before!

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